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Hi everyone! I’m in full annual recap mode so I’ll get December out of the way for now.

The month started with the holiday edition of the Montreal Comiccon. It was my first convention in person since the start of the plague, so needless to say I was vibrating the week before. I had a huge table all for myself, new comics, new prints, a new holiday card and… a mask at all time. It kept the con-crud at bay at least!

Other than that, December was a race to the end of the year, with many projects heading towards completion. I put the finishing touches on the last Utown chapter storyboard (and had a little cry about it). Not thinking constantly about what happens next in my comic is gonna free up so much mental space, I might start renting it.

A few days before Christmas, Covid cases started to spike out of control, tests were nowhere to be found and I didn’t know if I was gonna see my family or not. I was hit with a wave of mental and physical exhaustion that signalled that it’s indeed, the end of another pandemic year. I drew for myself, made gifts (which always cheers me up), watched a bunch of movies and tv and ended up seeing my parents and my sister anyway.

Oh and I got a new computer, but it’s as underwhelming as a desktop PC can be. But hey, I can play games on Steam now!

Next post is gonna my end-of-year recap, which I always love writing. Stay tuned! Until then, here’s what got me through December.

Reading: Zviane’s bonkers Football Fantaisie. A one of a kind, brick of a comic, truly one of the best book I’ve read in the past years. A master class in comic!
Watching: The Matrix Reloaded and Revolution, back-to-back. Way better than what I remembered! Aggretsuko season 4, as soon as it landed. I also finished Centaurworld, and really, really enjoyed it!
Listening: To my friend’s best-of 2021 playlists (I also made one!). And this really good playlist of music that the Beatles were influenced by.