For as long as I remember, I’ve always loved taking photos. It was only recently that I fell back into film photography as a hobby, a way to do something creative that didn’t involve drawing and couldn’t be monetized. I like to say I take “reference pictures” but in reality, this weird fixation of mine is an excuse to go outside and look at all sorts of things. I’m more interested in composition and colors than the subjects so I veer naturally towards landscapes and scenery. I shoot mostly with an ancient, fully-manual Olympus OM-1 with a 50mm lens. It is one of my most precious possession.

Best of 2022

I did a lot more outings in 2022 and started carrying my camera around town more often. Since my old Olympus has an increasing sentimental value, I bought a Ricoh point-and-shoot that I could just dump in my bag. I tried new film stocks, ruined a couple of rolls like a dummy, and got real deep into photography Youtube. A good year!

Best of 2021

This is the year I decided to start shooting film again. I found a photo lab that would process film so I bought a few rolls and got re-acquainted with my old, trusty Olympus. Since I only get scans back, I started dabbling in Lightroom.