Portfolio of comic artist Cab

April was a month of talking about comics. Holy hell, I feel like all I’ve done in the last month was talk. about. comics. The Québec BD Festival was obviously a well-suited place to do exactly that. I caught up with fellow bédéistes friends, got real nervous at the Bédéis Causa award night (congrats to all the winners!!) and met a LOT of readers. It was the first festival I attended with Hiver Nucléaire 3 and wow, I got so much love from people who had finished the series. It was truly an amazing edition and it re-fueled my batteries a great deal!

Work this month has been separated into two big tasks. One was doing the book print layout for Axelle’s upcoming book, Si on Était. The other one is an ongoing concept art/background layout gig I got through the studio. I’ve always loved drawing backgrounds in my comics and such, but it’s only my third time doing it in a professional setting. I think I enjoy drawing backgrounds more than I do drawing characters–in a work situation, I mean. I know, it’s like a blasphemy! I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to show any of that work anytime soon but I’m keeping a few pieces for my portfolio for sure.

Oh and I’m still drawing houses. Like, it’s starting to turn into a thing.

Aside from work, I’m still writing Utown in tiny, tiny chunks. I’m starting to think that “part-time” comic making is not going as smoothly as I would’ve liked. Hopefully, once I re-launch my Patreon (soon!), it’ll give me a little boost! In the meantime, I drew Sam, doing what he does best: nothing.

In an attempt to keep my head somewhat clear (it’s such a mess right now), I kicked myself in the butt and have taken up jogging again. The first run felt amazing. I haven’t felt this energized in a long time! It’s too bad the weather has been this terrible because I’m just aching to move. Going to the studio on bike is one of my favorite thing, partly because of exercice, but mostly because of my route. I follow the Des Carrières cycling path, which runs directly beside a train track and the entire semi-industrial landscape that surrounds it. If I’m lucky, I’ll bike next to a freight train and try (hopelessly) to race it. Each day, I take a glimpse at the picture-perfect Van Horne overpass gently curving above the train tracks I cross on foot. This entire area is like a visual playground for me and has inspired more comic panels than anyone will ever know. Biking and walking are just the best way to get inspired. If you care to pay attention!

April was hectic and challenging, but in a good way. So here’s what got me excited this month:

Listening: To a lot of silence actually. I’ve been writing this post and most of my scenario in total silence, with only the ticking of the clock in my living room and the sound of the cars outside. I’ve become increasingly aware of noise and how it affects me.

Reading: Man oh man, I read Austin Kleon’s “Keep Going“. I’ve been waiting SO LONG for this book. “Steal like an Artist” got me out of a terrible funk years ago and since then, I’ve been following his work in any way I could. “Keep Going” is a wonderful little book, a reminder that being a “creative” is all about leading a decent life, showing up for work and going outside once in a while. I cannot recommend his work enough.


Artist: Fran Meneses. It’s cute, it’s bittersweet and I feel like we are the same person?!