Portfolio of comic artist Cab

I’m late, I’m late! The past few days have been hectic. I had a bit of a meltdown over the workload at school. Fortunately, with the help of close friends, I managed to get things into perspective. Funny thing is, I re-read the goals I had set for myself for 2020 and I have been thoroughly ignoring my own advice. So even though the year was off to a rocky beginning, I promise I’ll take better care of my head. After all, I have a comic to make!

Speaking of which, the Utown website launched officially! It’s everything I ever hoped for and more (the animated title!!!) and updating pages gives me great joy. Check it out if you haven’t already!!

I also started storyboarding chapter 2, which makes me really damn hopeful. I’m getting into the meat of the story, introducing characters, writing the dumbest banter and just…having a good time. Storyboarding used to be this dreaded task that required my utmost focus. But I learned from a master and now, it’s getting easier and easier–and fun! If I can manage to keep that pace up, I’m sure I’ll find a good cruising speed and plow through enough pages to maintain a good buffer on the webcomic. Yay!

The year has just begun but here’s what got me excited in January:

Reading: Wool (The Silo series) by Hugh Howey. Hawkeye, the Fraction/Aja run.
Watching: Kipo, the new Netflix series! Sex Education season 2.
Listening: Little Dragon! And that new Gorillaz song, Momentary Bliss (that video omg).
Artist: Yun Ling. She’s based in Montreal and I’m a sucker for her lonely, surreal paintings.