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2019 Recap – 2020 Goals

Category : Les Cabtualités
Date : January 1, 2020

New year, new planer, new goals, new everything! It was a hell of a year, you guys. Honestly, just looking back at the schedule and the amount of stuff I did in 2019 is overwhelming. I have a lot more white hair, that’s for sure! So here are a few highs and lows from last year, so I can freakin’ move on XD


Grant for Utown: That’s a given! It changed everything. It allowed me to make long-term plans, focus on getting a Patreon page off the ground, pay someone to make a proper website, etc. For the first time in years, I stopped waking up in the middle of the night because of money-related panic attacks. But most importantly, I learned that putting in the work, getting help and caring actually paid off. Half-assing everything because “what’s the point”, is a bad habit of mine and it needs to go!

Etsy shop: For 2019, I had set a precise income goal for Etsy. I’ve had the shop for a few years now so after going in to fine-tune the listings, it started paying off. Plus, a lot of folks at the studio got their own stores off the ground and I just love exchanging tips and tricks with everyone!

Invader Zim covers: This highlight is super personal, in the sense that I got to work for a franchise I absolutely love. Jhonen Vasquez had such an influence on me as a teen (there’d be no Utown without him) that when I got the email he had approved my cover sketch, I almost passed out. It’s more symbolic than anything else, but dang!


Sick from stress: This summer, I got a nondescript corporate gig. I dreaded, had nightmares! before the start of the contract. I felt sick, dizzy, out of breath. Fast forward in September, before the start of class, same thing. It’s normal to fear the unknown, but I came this close to having full-blown meltdowns way too often this year. I’m sure it knocked off a few years of my life. I don’t ever want to feel like this again.

Goals for 2020

  1. Make Utown the best goddamn comic about friendly slackers in a fictional town as possible. Find an publisher. Merch (that I’d want to buy)!
  2. Enjoy life a little more. Run and bike the stress away. Strong legs are good for kicking life in the face!!
  3. I know it’s cliché but: a little more self-love. Less pressure. It took a couple of scary episodes to realise this.

Alright, well, we’ll see in a year what worked and what didn’t. Until then, take care of yourself everyone. And thank you so much for sticking by. 2020 is gonna rule 😀